Our Technology

Technology-Enhanced LearningSt. Rita School integrates educational and information technologies into the academic environment. Referred to as technology-enhanced learning, St. Rita teachers incorporate the use of technology into their students’ daily curriculum. Our technology program also focuses on improving student’s technical proficiency and prepares them to use technology effectively and safely.

Each classroom from PreK-8 is equipped with ACTIVboards, wireless laptops, LCD projectors, iPads and Apple TVs. Junior High students participate in St. Rita’s 1:1 Chromebook program, and receive an Acer Chromebook to use in school and at home for the duration of the school year. St. Rita is a Google Education School and students use their Chromebook for note taking, reading textbooks online, and research. Plus, teachers use Google Classroom to enhance learning! Students use Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides for their school work.

In addition, there is one Floating iPad Station containing 30 iPads for use by grades 5-6. The Library in the Primary Building has 30 iPads to be used during class time. Students attend Computer Lab once a week for formal instruction. As students advance through each grade level, they are exposed to the Diocese of Cleveland technology curriculum that covers programs and subject material such as: Cyber Bullying, Internet Safety and Use, Keyboarding, Navigating the Internet, Microsoft Paint, Microsoft Office and Research Techniques. The Computer Lab contains 30 computers with 22” flat-screen monitors. Computers located in the Computer Lab run the Windows 7 operating system.

St. Rita School educators will continue to expose our students to an open and creative environment whenever they are using ANY of our technological offerings. It is, therefore, imperative that order and discipline be maintained. We emphasize the importance of responsibility in regards to the use of the Internet as outlined in our Acceptable Use Policy. Simply put, those students who choose to ignore our policies will lose the privilege of using either the computers or the Internet for a time determined by the Administration. Responsible Internet use and the safety of our students are at issue here, and the consequences for unacceptable behavior will be IMMEDIATE and NONNEGOTIABLE. We value our student’s online safety and privacy and strive to be CIPA and COPPA compliant.

Beginning in the 3rd grade, students begin to study keyboarding using Bernie’s Typing Travels by Cengage. Students learn to write and key reports using MLA Style in the Junior High. Junior High students will spend the first few weeks learning Google skills.

Our daily morning broadcasts are also student run with two camcorders and tripods made available to our Camera Crew for use in morning broadcasts as well as recording special projects and special school events.

Finally, St. Rita students are permitted to bring their own electronic reading device to school with a signed permission slip from their parents. Games and Apps contained on personal electronic reading devices are not permitted during school hours.