St. Rita Merit Scholarship

Thanks to a generous bequest, and after months of study, the Finance Committee of St. Rita Parish is excited to now offer current and prospective students an opportunity to be awarded a scholarship to attend our day school.

"We are excited to now offer students, both current and prospective, an opportunity to make private, Catholic education an attainable possibility." says Jim Rallo, father of five St. Rita School alumni and a member of St. Rita's Finance Committee. "Being able to recognize and reward students and families for both their academic achievements and their dedication to service and life-long learning is at the heart of what makes St. Rita School different."

"We see a gap in the current need-based assistance available to parents--a gap we hope the St. Rita Merit Scholarship will bridge. We will not lose good, dedicated students simply because of financial burdens." adds Deb Grgic, principal of St. Rita School. "I am also interested in drawing more students from our parish community. St. Rita School students have consistently performed in the top 10% or better in national testing, we offer the best technology-enhanced learning in the district, and our graduates are sought by local Catholic and private schools. Our area public school districts are happy to receive St. Rita School alumni because they know our students are different: they work hard, they give back, they WANT to learn."

The St. Rita Merit Scholarship is the first of its kind offered by a private elementary school, basing its criteria not just on financial need, but also on the merit and quality of the student. No other private, Catholic elementary school currently offers this. "We are starting something special here," says Fr. Burchell, Paster of St. Rita Parish, "We are investing in the most important resource we have--our young students."

Completing the St. Rita Merit Scholarship Application
  • To RENEW your St. Rita Merit Scholarship award from the previous year, you MUST complete PART I of the St. Rita Merit Scholarship application and submit a new SMART form online.
  • To RENEW your current St. Rita Merit Scholarship award and ADD an additional family member for consideration, you MUST also complete PART II of the St. Rita Merit Scholarship application for EACH additional child.
  • IMPORTANT - You are to return the completed Merit Scholarship ONLY to the St. Rita Middle School office.
  • St. Rita School will pay the $27.00 application fee on your behalf.
  • NEW APPLICATION - You MUST complete PART II and PART III of the St. Rita Merit Scholarship application for each child, Part IV is ONE per family.
  • NEW APPLICATION - You will only be required to fill out ONE Smart application per family, regardless of whether you are applying for just the St. Rita Merit Scholarship or for both the St. Rita Merit Scholarship AND the Diocesan Financial Aid.
SMART AID ACCESS APPLICATION (available online after January 2, 2017)
  • Access application -
  • School ID - St. Rita: 13660
  • Application and supporting documents due: 03/01/2017
  • Smart Aid Application Fee: $27.00 (St. Rita School will pay this fee)
  • Important: For Diocesan Aid you must use the 2016 documents as stated below. For the Merit Scholarship ONLY you can use 2015 documents.
  • Required Supporting Documentation- applications submitted without documentation will not be processed.
    • Most recent pay stubs
    • 2016 W-2 forms for all jobs
    • 2016 filed tax return: 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ with all schedules
    • 2016 filed business tax return: 1120, 1120S, 1065 (if applicable)
    • Supplemental income documentation: Social Security income, Welfare, Food Stamps, Child Support, 1099-M Forms, Worker’s Compensation, Unemployment, Veterans Benefits, Housing Allowance, etc.
    • If you are unable to provide any of the aforementioned items, please submit a Special Circumstance Letter indicating which document(s) you are unable to provide and why. This information will be shared with your school for consideration.
  • Submitting Documentation - documentation should be submitted at the time the application is completed.
  • Application IDs must be included on all documents. Failure to include your ID will delay processing of your application.
  • Direct Upload - (login with your username and password)
  • Contact Information - Phone Support: (800) 360-8027
  • Email Support - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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