To maintain the highest level of safety not only for our children and our volunteers, St. Rita Parish is continuing to adopt a screening process for all employees and volunteers who have access to our students.

"Virtus"is a Latin word that means, "valor or moral excellence."The Virtus Program assists our Church in being a safe haven for children and a messenger for preventing child sexual abuse within the Church and society in general.

If you wish to volunteer in our school--chaperone field trips, volunteer for lunch monitor, help during classroom holiday parties, coach a CYO team, volunteer in the library, etc.-- you must attend one, 3-hour Virtus training session. Once you have completed your training sessions, you will receive a certificate--a copy of which will be kept on file in our School and Parish offices.

If you are new to St. Rita School, and are already VIRTUS Trained, please provide a copy of your certification to our School offices. You will still need to perform a Criminal Background Check.

Our Screening Process Includes Four Areas:
  1. A signed acknowledgment form must be on file with the parish office that you possess and have read a copy of the "Policy for the Safety of Children in Matters of Sexual Abuse" written by the Diocese of Cleveland.
  2. A signed acknowledgment form must be on file with the parish office that you possess, have read, and will comply with the "Standards of Conduct for Ministry" written by the Diocese of Cleveland.
  3. You must make an appointment with our Parish Offices (440.248.1350 x100) to perform a Criminal Background Check. Our fingerprinting machine is located in the main office, which is next to the Little Falcon Learning Center. (There is a voluntary $24 fee which helps cover the costs incurred by the parish for performing each Criminal Background Check.)
  4. You must attend one 3-hour training course, followed up by monthly articles which you must read. These articles are distributed via email. There is no cost to attend a VIRTUS training session. VIRTUS sessions are held all throughout the diocese, including St. Rita Parish. Visit the VIRTUS website, and click on "registration". Next, click on "view a list of sessions" then select "Cleveland Diocese". (You only need to attend one session during your time at the Little Falcon Learning Center and St. Rita School.)

To download a copy of St. Rita's Volunteer Screening Process, click here.