Saint Rita School adopted many safety precautions in order to provide a healthy and enriching school environment for our students, teachers, and staff, and to ensure a safe and responsible return to school. We have great confidence in our teachers to educate and nurture our students within COVID guidelines, and we are committed to providing in-school academic learning as long as feasibly possible.

Our plan was formulated with the guidance of medical professionals, advice and recommendations from the CDC and Ohio Board of Health, and the valued input of Saint Rita families, staff, community members, and parish leaders. We continue to consider the unique and varying circumstances faced by our families, and will do our best to meet these needs during these unprecedented times. 

We encourage families to watch our Back-to-School video to show them how arrival will look, and to review new protocols designed to keep everyone healthy and safe!

Click here to review our Saint Rita School Back-to-School Plan 

Click here to review our Little Falcon Learning Center Back-to-School Plan

Please take a moment to watch our COVID safety videos and examine the way in which we've responded to COVID measures while balancing safety precautions to provide a nurturing and fruitful in-person school experience. 

Saint Rita School COVID-19 Response Video

Little Falcon Learning Center COVID-19 Response Video